Saturday, January 7, 2012

Android tv box SD Card Settings

Use the SD Card & Machine Storage settings to monitor the used and available space on your Android TV and on your
SD card and to manage your SD card.

SD card, Total space and Available space Lists the amount of space on any SD card installed in your Android TV
and the amount you have used to store photos, videos, music, and other files.
Unmount SD card Unmounts the SD card from your Android TV so that you can format the card or safely remove it
when the unit is on. This setting is dimmed if there is no SD card installed, if you have already unmounted it, or if you
have mounted the SD card on your computer.
Format SD card Permanently erases everything on an SD card and prepares it for use with your Android TV. You
must unmount an SD card before you can format it.
Internal storage, Available space The amount of internal storage used by the operating system, its components,
applications (including those you downloaded there), and their permanent and temporary data. 

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