Saturday, January 7, 2012

Android tv box Language settings

Use the Language & Keyboard settings to select the language for the text and for configuring the onscreen keyboard,
including words that youve added to its dictionary.

Select language Opens the Language screen, where you can select the language to use for the text.

Select input method You can select the input method to use for typing the text.

Android Keyboard settings screen 
The correction and capitalization features affect only the English version of the keyboard.
Auto-capitalization Check to have the onscreen keyboard automatically capitalize the first letter of the first word
after a period, the first word in a text field, and each word in name fields.
Input languages Opens the Input Languages screen, where you can check the languages you want to have
available when using the onscreen keyboard.
Quick fixes Check to automatically correct some common misspellings as you type.
Show suggestions Check to show suggested words in a strip above the onscreen keyboard as you type.
Auto-complete Check to automatically enter a suggested word, highlighted in orange in the strip above the
keyboard, when you enter a space or punctuation. 

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