Saturday, January 7, 2012

Android tv box home screen

When you turn on your Android TV, the Home screen opens. The Home screen is your starting point to access all
the features on your Android TV. It displays application icons, widgets, shortcuts, and other features.  
At the top of the screen, the Status bar displays the time, information about the status of your Android TV (Status
icons), and icons for notifications that you have received (Notification icons).  
   Drag apps to your Home screen: Click & hold an app in the Launcher until its icon is scaled bigger.  
  Rearrange your Home screen: Click & hold an item and when its icon is scaled bigger, drag it where you want.  
  Remove items: Click & hold an item and when its icon is scaled bigger, drag it to the Trash Can icon (The
Launcher icon changes to a Trash Can icon).

1)  Switch Home screens/ View other parts of the Home screen:  
There are multiple Home screens. The small dots at the lower left and right of the Home screen indicate which
screen you‟re viewing. Swipe left or right to switch. You can also press the small dots to view the extensions to the
Home screen which provide more space for widgets, shortcuts, and other items.

2)  Customize the Home Screen:  
You can add application icons, shortcuts, widgets, and other items to any part of the Home screen. You can also
change the wallpaper.
a)  To add an item to the Home screen:  
  Open the Home screen where you want to add the item.  
  Press Menu on the remote control (or the right mouse button) and click Add. Or just click & hold an empty location
on the Home screen. If there are no empty spots on the Home screen, Add is dimmed; you must delete or move
an item before you can add another item, or switch to another Home screen.  
  In the menu that opens, click the type of item to add.
You can add the following types of items to the Home screen.
o  Shortcuts:  Add shortcuts to applications, a bookmarked webpage, a destination in Maps, a Gmail label, a
music playlist, and many other items. The shortcuts available depend on the applications you have installed.
o  Widgets:  Add any of a variety of miniature applications (widgets) to your Home screen, including a clock, a
music player, a picture frame, the Google search bar, a power manager, a calendar that shows upcoming
appointments, and a News & Weather widget. You can also download widgets from Android Market.
o  Folders:  Add a folder where you can organize Home screen items, or folders that contain all your contacts,
contacts with phone numbers, or starred contacts. Your folders‟ contents are kept up to date automatically.

o  Wallpapers:  Click Gallery, Live wallpapers, or Wallpapers.  
  Click Gallery to use a picture that you have copied to your Android TV. You can crop the picture before setting it
as a wallpaper.  
  Click Live wallpapers to open a scrolling list of animated wallpapers installed on your Android TV. Some live
wallpapers change according to the time of day, in response to clicking the screen, tell the time, or offer other
information. Some live wallpapers have a Settings button.
  Click Wallpapers to open a screen where you can sample the wallpaper images that come with your Android TV.
Slide the miniature images left and right to view the samples. Click a sample to view a larger version.
  Click Save or Set wallpaper.

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