Monday, February 27, 2012

Flashing Android TV box

Thing you should know before you start :
1- Do it at your own risk
2- There are many type of Boxes, this one is the one 4 (host) USB ports see the picture up
3- You may consider flashing the firmware using SD card method ( I have not tried it) see hotlink subject on upgrading the G-Box but use the inner (small) reset button.
4- You will lose the status led ( wont work after flashing)

Now how to flash “The One with Four USB”

1- Open screws under the little protectors after peeling them away

2- Take the bottom cover off

3- Undo more fore screws holding the PCB board

4- Take the board off ( be Careful not to damage the WLAN adaptor as its been held to outer case by antenna cable

5- When flipping the board you will see:

a. Four male connector for the slave (guest) mode USB as in the picture below (colours added to show the correct order for connecting the 4 pin USB connector)
b. A small reset button to get the device into flashing mode as in the picture below
6- You will need a USB A to 4 Pin USB like the one in the picture below ( or make your own)

7- Connect your computer to the box with the internal USB

8- Down load the firmware from:
this provided by hotlink

9- Download and unpack Rockchip Flasher tool from

10- Power up your box

11- Execute the flashing tool RKBatchTool.exe on your computer
On Windows Vista or Windows Seven, you will have to Right Click on the program and select Run as Administrator

12- You need to put the box in recovery mode to download the firmware to the box with Rockchip tool.

13- On the box, push the both reset buttons, release the big reset one and keep the inner (small) reset button pressed for about 5 ~ 10 seconds. Now you computer should pick on the box and trying to install the driver.

14- Install the drivers on the computer ( you will find the driver inside the unpacked Rockchip Flasher tool)

15- The flashing tool should display a green square around the number 1 in the lower left area of the Windows application. (if not disconnect the USB and reconnect)

16- Select the firmware file to flash using the button in the top right area of the application. Select the update.img file that you have downloaded. 

17- Push the Upgrade button to transfer the selected firmware to the box..

18- The firmware will be copied to the Box, a progression counter will go from 0% to 100% on this step for several times, followed by a verification.
19- You are done, let the Box reboot and update itself (you can see the progress on your TV if connected). It should take a few minutes for the flash process to finish.

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