Monday, February 27, 2012

Android 2.3 Version Upgrade Guide

Remark: This upgrade reply on SPI version, please make sure your android 2.2
device is with the 20110907 SPI file, SPI consists of Uboot and Recovery version,
please go to Setting----about device, and see if the version number is as follows:
Uboot version is V1.3.5 20110906, recovery version is 1.2.9 20110907
If yes, please go to next step to upgrade SPI from 20110907 to 20111102.
A:SPI upgrade
1, download SPI from following link, no need distinguish different RAM to update like
as android 2.2, every Geniatech Enjoy TV Box model can use this SPI for android 2.3
2, save to SD card and rename to update.img, please don’t unzip the file,
3, make sure don’t connect any external USB disk or SD card on the box before next
step, please press the “reset” button on the bottom of box for a while, and plug in
the power adaptor,then you can enter the recovery mode(update failed screen
since the SD card is NOT inserted).

4, Then plug in SD card with SPI file into Android box, and use up and down buttons
of (motion or IR) remote control or you could connect a USB keyboard to Android
box to choose 3
option ”3.apply SD card” to update SPI.5, After finished, you will get below screen, note that it is a correct image, then take
SD card out of box and pug out power adapter.

6, you have finished new SPI upgrade, now you could move to next step for
firmware upgrade
B . Firmware upgrade:
1, Download the firmware upgrading files from following link:
Every Geniatech Enjoy TV Box model can use this software for android 2.3 update.
2, save file to SD card and rename it to “update.img”, this action would replace the
SPI file you saved before, still don’t unzip it.
3, Plug SD card with the firmware to the box first,  then, press the “reset” button
and hold it, then plug in power adapter, until you get “recovery mode” again and
release the button. It will start updating firmware and rebooting automatically after
4.Go to setting->about device and check the UBOOT version is 20111102,
recovery version is 20111101, kernel version is 20111102, Build number is
5, (optional)
If you have digital TV stick for Android TV box from Geniatech, you could install our
new HiDTV apk for android2.3, version number is 1.8.5
Improved points:
1) Supporting IR remote
2) Adding subtitle function3) Adding the record folder for saving recorded video, supports SD card, USB disk
and USB HDD.
4) Adding aspect ratio of video
5) Adding channel favorit


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